A father with his daughter

My mom and dad separated when I as young. I grew up with my mother and although I got to see my father almost every day, I always find it hard to feel the bond between the two of us. When I look at him, he is just like any other ordinary person to me. Yes, I tell him I love him but for me those are just words. Just for the sake of telling him that I do because of the poem I have read a few years back entitled “My Father’s Dead and He can’t Hear.” No matter how hard I try, I still can’t feel anything but he does not know that. That is why this photo of a father with his daughter is precious to me…this reminds me that maybe there’s still hope for the two of us.


_MG_4185-2I don’t have a memorable memory of my father and I together. Not a single memory. We didn’t have something even close to these photos.



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