Hi BA Broad 4!

How was the adventure in creating your first vlog? As you explore the different faces of poverty, what were your realizations? What challenges did you meet along the way and how did you battle and win over that challenge?

I want to read your thoughts in the comment section.

Please encourage fruitful interaction in your vlogs; ask your audience their insights/reactions/suggestions about the raised issue.

I congratulate everyone for a job well done! As promised, we will meet on Friday, November 16, 2018, for individual feedback about your vlogs. Also, I will give you a short quiz regarding the topics discussed and the different faces of poverty touched in the vlogs of your classmates (make sure you watch and support each other’s work).

You will know when your vlog has been graded when I “liked” your post. But for the audience’s interaction, we will give it a week before I rate it.

This week, your vlog will be about UNEMPLOYMENT.

Happy vlogging!


A Gentle Reminder (Week 1)

30 minutes past midnight.

My mind is drifting to places. I wonder, somewhere in the middle, did we fail to understand each another?

I said yes. You said no.

Is there something I need to know?

What part in the instruction you failed to understand?




If I followed you. This means, you already have a grade for this activity.

If I did not follow you, it could be any of the following reasons:

1. You are using nicknames unfamiliar to me (I refuse to play your guessing game, sorry.);

2. Some of you, after putting up the blog and followed me, deleted your blogs;

3. There is something wrong with how you set your blogs because I cannot follow you.

Please double check your accounts.

Week 1


Hello, BA Broad 4! I welcome you to our e-class in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – COMM110!

It has been a while since I last posted an entry in this blog. Originally, this is to archive some of my photos from a 50 mm lens (as you may have read so in the blog’s description before I changed its determined purpose). But eventually, I grew tired of updating and I almost forgot this blog still exists. Personally, I am happy to be back. This course have brought to my attention something existing which I failed to remember.

The Course

Information and Communication Technology – as a course – will help shade the gray areas of 21st century communication. This afternoon, we discussed about the danger of desensitization – I am afraid that we are all guilty of this crime. Through our continuous exposure to the negative stimuli, we already act out of habit, we feel numb despite the pressing issues laid before us. This is a sad reality. But as future media practitioners, you hold the key to change the world. You may laugh at this idea, but really, the world will never change if there will be no single person who is willing to shaken the unrighteous principles we practice today.

Course Requirement

Individually, you will produce, upload, and post weekly Vlogs . Your Vlogs should receive reactions from your audience and should stir up a conversation. It should be fun and engaging; informative and significant.

Due: every Tuesday of the week at exactly 11:59PM. Late submission will no longer be considered.

To monitor your posts, please do not forget to tag me. Always. Add me in facebook so I can see the comments/reactions of your audience. After the semester, you may delete me from your friends’ list.

When you read my posts, please acknowledge by commenting your thoughts or by liking it. I will do the same to your Vlogs. Should there be questions, ask away in the comment section. I am thrilled to watch your video logs!


You will be graded according to the following points:



Your first Vlog should be about one of our Societal Problems – POVERTY.



Note: At the time of typing this, I have a total of 29 followers out of the expected 33.

A gentle reminder to everyone: PLEASE use your real name in your blogs. Failure to do this, his/her blog will not be acknowledged.